Daniel El Dibujo


Daniel José Cabrera Castro known artistically as

El Dibujo was born in Águilas (Murcia) in 1992.


His grandfather, who was a fisherman, was nicknamed precisely that way and he has proudly borrowed both his pseudonym and the character that growing up near the sea imprints.


Sensitive, introverted, demanding and creative both personally and professionally, there is no other way for him to live, to express himself and to think that is not through Art.

From the beginning, Daniel's work has revolved mainly around the male figure, but he tries to approach it with delicacy and sensitivity. Fear, love, lack of love… and trying to make something beautiful out of the horrible. This is the basis of his work.

Daniel continually researches new techniques and materials with which he creates experimental pieces.

In addition to illustration and painting, he also works in interior design.

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