LA Dreams by Greg Cloud

  • Ultra rare first edition of LA Dreams by Greg Cloud (1989).


    A second-generation Angeleno, Cloud photographed architecture, landscapes, nightclub beefcake, studio centerfolds, and urband nude-scapes during the flowering gay-scene of '80s LA.


    The scene he chronographed is of considerable interest to modern pop historians. It included fringe events in LA's gay community including the Theoretical Parties; movable cultural picnics, floating between backyards, municipal parking lots and sleepy Hispanic bars.


    This particular scene was deliberate in its sexual ambiguity. It germinated during the "death to disco" years, when wearing a shaved head was regarded as a cultural assault rather than a reflection of the fashion pages. The presence in the scene was not, in those days, overt and never political, but there would have been no "LA underground" without gay entrepreneurs, deejays and wave upon wave of uncommited but cute boys ready to dance. These were the hoards who felt dispossessed from Gay Mecca, the plastic Emerald City of West Hollywood.


    Size: W16cm x H22cm x D1cm


    Material: Paper


    Condition: Pre-loved and in good condition with minor signs of use


    Care: clean with a dry cloth