Terracotta amphoras by Sid Henderson

  • A series of handmade terracotta amphoras by Sid Henderson titled "Let's Table the Issue", "Hang in There" and "New Perspective".


    Signed and dated on the bottom.


    Sid is a queer artist based in Arizona, currently teaching ceramics for the City of Tucson's Parks and Recreation Department.


    His work is informed by ancient Greek pottery and the images rendered on this amphora are meant to be a light-hearted documentation of the absurd things he's observed gay people doing during the 2020 lockdown, via the internet.


    His pottery is thrown by hand on a wheel and follows the traditional Greek method. This amphora was painted with slip (liquid clay) while it was still unfired, and then fired only once to its maximum temperature. Sid has also invented a special recipe for his terracotta to increase hardness and durability by ageing the clay outside for a few weeks, greatly improving the consistency.


    Size: W18cm x H27cm


    Material: Terracotta


    Condition: handmade


    Care: clean with a damp cloth