The Duncan Grant Murals in Lincoln Cathedral

  • The Duncan Grant Murals in Lincoln Cathedral


    Author: Edward Mayor and Judith Robinson

    Publisher: Lincoln Cathedral Publications

Publication date: 2001 First Edition 

    Format: Softcover 

    Pages: 65pp.

Condition: Fine


    “The Church has, from earliest times, been a patron of the arts.  However, to a significant degree the Reformation in England curtailed this interest, particularly in painting and sculpture.  In the past century the Church has begun to recapture its enthusiasm for the interpretation of the Gospel through contemporary images. Duncan Grant and Lincoln Cathedral were firmly part of this movement when the murals for the St Blaise Chapel were commissioned and completed in 1956.  The murals, using a modern idiom, link the iconography of the catacombs with the medieval port of Lincoln in a most creative way.  They are a stunning contribution from the twentieth century to the visual richness of this great cathedral.”