The Naked Heartland by Bruce of Los Angeles

  • The Naked Heartland by Bruce of Los Angeles


    Lured from the confines of his Nebraskan home in 1947, Bruce Bellas set out for Los Angeles and became equally well-known for his portraits of the male physique, and for his pioneering role in the underground creation and distribution of homoerotic photographs.


    The Naked Heartland represents the body of work he amassed during covert photography sessions in remote rural settings, seedy motel rooms, and simplified private studios over the course of a decade. The photographs are mostly playful depictions of working-class young men engaged in outdoor activities, interspersed with dark, almost sordid interior portraits. Though Bellas was rigorous in his composition, lighting, and printing processes, there is a gritty sensibility in each of the photographs. Scholarship has indicated that this quality was achieved through the defiant, direct countenances of the subjects, as well as the clandestine nature of the entire process.


    Bellas has come to be respected not only for his groundbreaking spirit, but also for his style, which has influenced subsequent photographers, including Herbert Ritts, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Bruce Weber.


    Ultra rare edition published by Janssen in 2001


    Material: Paper


    Condition: Pre-loved and in good condition with minor signs of use


    Care: clean with a dry cloth