"We Allow Them To Dream" No. 3 by Felipe Chavez

  • "We Allow Them To Dream" No. 3 by Felipe Chavez


    Signed on the back.


    For the last few years, Felipe has focused on the interpretation and exploration of the male form through the use of his own body. However, in this recent ongoing series, Felipe for the first time invites unknown 'straight' men to create gentle charcoal drawings darkened with bold geometric lines of indian ink.


    In these scenes where reality looks to occur only inside empty rooms, the artist places male bodies as the main subject to interact and responds to their location. He feels inspired by the dynamic between 'the queer artist' as the voyeur, and the straight model portraying the exhibitionist.


    Unrestrained by the complexity of his usual more realistic, shaded technique, the drawings reveal an experimental side of composition, whereby he imagines minimal walls and perspectives, free from the idea of an actual place. The semi nude subjects, either one or two, feel almost aroused by feeling exposed, as if they want to be treated as escorts or models posing in a glass box, both of which are for gay men to admire.


    Material: Paper, charcoal and Indian ink