Bangkok, Thailand

Trey Hurst is a visual artist and designer, born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and currently living in Bangkok, Thailand. 


His work is an exercise in Pattern-Building, using simple and repetitive brushwork. His portfolio consists mostly of large, abstract ink and watercolor drawings on handmade Saa paper. He groups his work under two themes:


Memory and Place: Complex patterns that articulate his own fragmented and distorted memories, emotions, history. They represent his experience in a given place and time. His most recent drawings and paintings explore his relationship with Southern Louisiana. 


Material and Process: Simple patterns and compositions which he constructs through both repetitive mark-making and fluid strokes. These pieces reflect dichotomies, like calm and anxiety or fluidity and rigidity. 


Originally trained as an architect, he draws inspiration from the constant making and remaking of patterns in our built environment. The lines and grids of urban infrastructure, the shapes and textures of building facades, and the ways in which our man-made structures interact with nature all inform his approach to drawing and painting. 

Additionally, his work is heavily influenced by the history and tradition of pattern in Textile Design. In particular, the use of woven, printed, tufted, and dyed patterns in fabrics and rugs as mechanisms for storytelling and cultural identification. So in addition to working with handmade Saa paper for his art, he often paint directly onto unstretched canvas or local handwoven fabrics.


He now work full time creating art and building his brand, Tohmie, in Bangkok, Thailand.