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Kavel rafferty

Margate, England

I was raised by hippy parents. My dad named me Kavel; more than likely he picked the name up whilst travelling in India. Kavel is actually a Hindi boy’s name meaning lotus flower, which is lovely – thank you for that, Dad! We moved and travelled a lot as a family and I'm sure this lifestyle has encouraged my love of adventure. I have lived all over; a couple of years in Sweden and almost a decade in Barcelona. I feel I have (finally?) settled, in the vibrant sea-side town of Margate.

I came out as a lesbian quite late in life, at the age of 43, not a huge surprise to anyone. This has been so liberating for me; it has definitely been a catalyst for stronger and more confident work. I’m happy and comfortable in myself now, as an out queer woman.

I have always loved flea markets. They are very indicative of a place, whether that be Barcelona’s Encants, Los Angeles’ Melrose Trading post or the Flohmarkt in Berlin. From Mexico City to a car boot fair in Herne Bay, what people sell and throw away is very telling.

You used to be able to find me in Northern Soul clubs most weekends, but these days I’m more likely to be seen walking my sausage dog Bobby Dazzler on Margate Beach. I have had – and continue to have a successful career as an illustrator, working with clients worldwide on a variety of notable projects; book covers, fashion, travel and editorial.


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