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Lo Lo No

Margate, England

Hello, my name is Lo Lo No.


I'm a trans-disciplinary artist, researcher and curator with a focus on self-portraiture and curating LGBTQIA+ artists.

Here I present some of my personal work as ‘constellations’, galleries that hold imagery, text and video that constellate the themes of my research and art practice.

Themes of binary inheritance, trauma and transformations, portals and heterotopias, otherness and affirmation, cosmologies, intra-psychic, digital and cellular activities. Methodologies and materials I use to explore these themes are;

Painting, collage, mixed media, auto-ethnography, digital production, fashion, drawing, Drag and performance.

I make self-portraits as an access tool, a way of seeing and becoming in a society where I struggled to see myself reflected. They are a site to explore and perform, embody and enchant my self-expression and process my experiences.

I'm interested in archetypes, primordial lineages, social reproduction and chimerisation within myth, philosophy, self and society; In conversation with identity, metaphor and paradox. I'm also interested in manifesting cognitive experiences, using emotional materiality in performance and conjuring of narrative essence through symbolic set design, costuming and makeup.

I'm prolific in my processes and often use and re-use my own imagery and sound making in a process that condenses, undulates and abstracts its subjectivity, producing distillations of themes in alchemical processes that I can further contextualise through the process of making and reflecting.

Working commercially as a storyboard and concept artist in the music, fashion and advertising sector I've collaborated with directors, producers and photographers on productions for Mugler, Rolls Royce and Bjork among others.

I'm a producer for Margate Pride and curate the Pride Art Map, a two weeks festival of exhibitions and workshops centering queer art and performance. I facilitate workshops for LGBTQIA+ wellness platform We Create Space and have delivered numerous workshops and talks on queer identity, ethical fashion campaigning and my experience as an activist in the creative industries.

I recently featured on BBC One's 'Extraordinary Portraits', a link to the show can be found here.

I've also completed a Masters in Fine Art at ESADHaR and The Margate School and I am a trustee for AiRM (Art in Romney Marsh).


Lo Lo's work

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