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Maciej Blazejewski

Zielona Góra, Poland

I grew up in a small Polish town in the 80's. It felt that queer/gay notions didn't even exist, no one talked/wrote about it. I internalised it all and became a gay neurotic. Luckily there was Madonna and MTV, but queerness is just one of many parts of me.


Even though I say it as a joke, I mean it: it's all about killing time before death, after that the light goes down and all becomes empty. Fill it with creating art and painting in the meantime.


Painting makes me think, annoys me and makes me wonder.  It's about the process - yes, it's about the colour but mainly it's a getaway, pure escapism. Painting is an intellectual puzzle that has no solution, like life. Making plans in life is equally futile as planning in painting. I want my painting to unravel in front of me, I want to be surprised each time. It's not easy.


Ultimately it’s about the human condition, about the passing of, and passing of conditions.


Maciej's work

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