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  • Blurry Days/Sharp Nights by Angela Suarez

    • Blurry Days/Sharp Nights by Angela Suarez is a collection of texts and images, encapsulated in an envelope where memories are accidentally arranged in an eclectic assemblage.

      The indiscreet opener is invited to have a glimpse of the beginning of a love relationship and to share that special moment through the poster-size gaze of the lover, the ephemeral beauty of a lighthearted blow of smoke or the ordinary of a shower that becomes a dreamlike sequence. Each picture, taken impulsively, creates a wandering path for the viewer.

      Angela's approach lies in merging feminine realities with lyricism and poetry, translating a metaphoric and oneiric world into an everyday landscape. Tales, poems, and dreams are sources of departing points for her narratives.

      Published in July 2021 by Forma Editions
      First Edition

      Format: Various formats
      Containing: Two posters, one concertina
      Dimensions: 18×23cm
      ISBN: 978-1-9163310-3-7

    • Approximately: W18×H23cm

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