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  • Resistance Sustenance Protection by Rachael House

    • Resistance Sustenance Protection by Rachael House


      Published by Rachael House - May 2021

      Edition of 300

      Comes with a beautiful Ex Libris


      Resistance Sustenance Protection is a year of drawings, a pandemic record, an archive, a call for change.


      Angry, funny, compassionate, tender, queer and political, these drawings make vivid, engaged, intersectional commentaries on the pandemic and the wider connections, ramifications and resonances that it has had across the world.


      Multi-disciplinary artist Rachael House has made comics since the 1990s. The drawings in this, her first book, responded to events of 2020/2021 as they unfolded and as the world around us unraveled.


      Resistance is never futile.

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