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Rachael house

Whitstable, England

Rachael House is a UK artist who makes events, objects, performance, drawings and zines. Events have been curtailed recently, and drawing has taken centre stage, with her first book, Resistance Sustenance Protection, published in May 2021.

Rachael House’s work focuses on feminist and queer politics and resistant histories/herstories, aiming to reach as many like-minded people as possible, inside and outside of the art world. She uses humour, personal engagement and events to draw in those who may not be like-minded too - she recruits.

Alongside and as part of her fine art practice she makes zines. In the 1990s she was part of the international queerzine scene. Today, her zines are in museum and university archives and feature in academic and art books.

Her projects have ranged from Rachael House’s Feminist Disco - putting the ‘disco’ into ‘discourse’, to an ongoing series of piñatas representing heteronormativity, patriarchy and the institution of monarchy, to be gleefully and violently smashed at joyful celebrations with big glittery sticks.

Rachael House’s work has been commissioned by Queer Circles, Flying Leaps, Peckham Platform, De La Warr Pavilion, Pittsburgh Center for The Arts, Grundy Art Gallery Blackpool, V&A Queer and Now amongst others.

Recent exhibitions include the group show Still I Rise: Gender Feminisms Resistance ACT2 at De La Warr, and ACT3 at Arnolfini, Hell or High Water at Light Vessel 21, Gravesend, Focus on Feminism and Gender, New hall Art Collection, Cambridge, From There To Here, Casement Arts, 3x3 New Arts Project, London.


Rachael's work

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