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34 Fort hill

Famed for its silvery beaches, historic architecture, countless bric-a-brac stores, and thriving art scene, Margate has been Davy's favourite escape from London for years.

On a visit in 2020, he came across a neglected former stamp shop calling out for a new lease of life, and despite the challenging circumstances at the time he felt compelled to reimagine and restore this unique space.


The shop, often affectionately referred to as the smallest store in Margate, charmed Davy with its elegant facade, unique layout, and position on the edge of the Old Town that overlooks the Turner Contemporary.


After carefully reinstating and elevating the building's original features, he converted the space into a private gallery and creative studio that showcases work from a growing network of queer artists and makers.


34 Fort hill
is open by appointment

To visit the space, peruse Davy's selection of objects, and explore his library of queer books please email:



past exhibitions

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Fluff! by kavel rafferty

A collection of redacted vintage postcards of animals, reminiscent of the taxidermied birds, kittens and puppies beloved of the Victorians, these anthropomorphic pets sport brightly-coloured bodysuits. A curiosity - they are camp, cute, kinky and just a little bit sinister...


This menagerie of animals was on display in the window of my Margate space until early December 2021 with a curated selection available to purchase online.

Kavel Rafferty - Fluff. - Davy Pittoors-46.jpg

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