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Proclaimer by Lo Lo No

‘Because my tongue is cracked

That’s where the sin gets in

That's not sin

Its serpent skin’

(Proclaimer, Lo Lo No, 2022)

To celebrate Margate Pride this year, I've collaborated with trans-disciplinary artist, researcher and curator Lo Lo No.


Their brand new film Proclaimer will play in the window at 34 Fort Hill as part of the Margate Pride Art Map, a two-week festival celebrating LGBTQIA+ art, film and performance (5th - 20th August).


Alongside this new body of work, Lo Lo will also show other works in the space including a series of digital collages and a set of playing cards with artworks inspired by the film and their art practice.

Proclaimer is a hyperbolic cognitive dance that constellates notions of rebirth, affirmation and harnessing one's individual power through self-expression and creation.


Channeling archetypes of The Birth of Venus, The Fool and The Chariot (from Tarot cards Major Arcana) and The Joker from a traditional deck. 


The Joker represents an energy that is deemed other and uncanny, a stray from the pack that doesn’t belong yet has powers that non-conform and override a monarchical system of power. 


The Fool represents the never-ending journey of becoming an eternal beginning again whilst The Chariot represents the tension of opposites. The birth is a rebirth and a miracle, representative of the queer divinity of nature.


My work explores processes of expansion and retraction, examining wounds that become portals of transformation through the processes of creating works that move among cognitive spaces, astral fields and internal organs.


I investigate the chimerisation of self and self-affirmation within the creation of queer primordial ancestry, via archetypes, symbolism and the constant elemental interrelationships and complexities of being, from junk DNA to fractals and mythology.

In the film I address cursedness and otherness that can be imprinted on us through our differences. But through acceptance and celebratory confrontation we find the route to harness that other power, like that of The Joker and eternal rebirth in the cycle of becoming and our own personal Proclamation. - Lo Lo No

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10% of profits will be donated to Margate Pride.

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Margate Pride envisions a world in which all LGBTQIA+ people live safely and openly as our whole selves in the communities we call home.

Their events offer diverse opportunities to gather in activism, protest, celebration, and advocacy. The variety of offerings across all of their activities represents the diversity of ways the community acknowledges and celebrates Pride.

Margate Pride's events are essential, but they need your help in order to make them happen! Margate Pride CIC is a non-profit organisation funded entirely on community contributions and grants. Every donation, big or small, makes a difference and helps them get one step closer to fulfilling their mission and securing their commitment to the community.


The full list of events and shows can be found here.

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