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Tom Unites!

Tom Of Finland Foundation's Art & Culture Festival

at Second Home in Spitalfields

Davy Pittoors - Tom of Finland Arts & Culture Festival-19.jpg

October 2022

The Festival is ToFF’s yearly programming effort to bring together artists, galleries and patrons from all over the globe in a socially friendly setting.


It was the second consecutive year the Festival was held at Second Home Hollywood and the first time the Festival incorporated Second Home’s London outpost in Spitalfields.

Davy Pittoors - Tom of Finland Arts & Culture Festival-6.jpg

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At the Festival, I created a pop-up exhibition that mimicked a domestic environment and invited guests to linger.


I brought together work by Alessandro Merlin, Eric Leroux, Maciej Blazejewski, Rachael House, Will Martin and Sid Henderson alongside contemporary ephemera by Forma Editions and vintage books by Room & Book. Meetal Patel from Pearly Queen Honey ran a honey tasting in the space as well.

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